First WordPress Post

I created my first personal website in college back in 1996 or so. For most of its existence it was static HTML, except for the some of the photo gallery, which was using an ancient PHP-based gallery that stopped being maintained ages ago and was probably a security risk. I hadn’t updated the site much and mostly posted new photos to Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, etc.

Seeing all the BS these large companies have been doing, I decided it was time to take ownership of my content again. I also want to write about some of my personal projects, rants, etc.

The easiest way was to migrate to WordPress. I procrastinated for a while because I was torn about whether to use WordPress or a static site generator such as Hugo or Jekyll. The simplicity, efficiency and control of a static generator really appealed to me, but I figured a nice web-based UI would lower the barrier for posting new content, especially photos.

No doubt I have some WordPress quirks to work out. It’ll probably be awhile before I migrate everything over here, but this should be a good start. I still plan to post photos to Flickr and Instagram since they have such large audiences.

Maybe eventually I will switch over to a static generator once I figure out a good workflow and UI for managing photos. In the meantime, I had to stop letting perfect be the enemy of good and start updating this site again.

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