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From: Brianna♥ @ (Sat 03 Jun 2006 11:48:04 PM UTC)
that is about the ugliest thing i evr did

From: Matt @ (Sat 19 Aug 2006 08:31:26 PM UTC)
I saw a bird like this in the morning and I've been trying to figure out what it is. As near as I can tell, it's a Muscovy Duck, a cross between a chicken and a duck. I'm not really sure why that would make it so big though. The one I saw was about 3 times the size of a normal duck.


From: Brianna♥ @ (Sat 03 Jun 2006 11:49:19 PM UTC)
and a deer person toooo!


From: Brianna♥ @ (Sat 03 Jun 2006 11:46:28 PM UTC)
wat a CUTIE!!!!


From: Brianna♥ @ (Sat 03 Jun 2006 11:47:01 PM UTC)
wat an ugly.... just kidding, but not my thing


From: brianna @ (Mon 22 May 2006 07:34:35 PM UTC)
these guinea pigs are sooooo fricken cute~~ i want one!!!

From: gabby gillespie @ (Tue 04 Jul 2006 01:53:19 AM UTC)
so cute i love them

From: llkalo123 @ (Sun 16 Jul 2006 04:47:59 PM UTC)
these guinea pigs have cool colors

From: dada123 @ (Sun 16 Jul 2006 04:48:32 PM UTC)
im crazy

From: Lily Allen @ (Sat 16 Sep 2006 06:15:34 PM UTC)
I luv these babies and want dem so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: mel @ (Thu 26 Oct 2006 01:20:08 PM UTC)
my guinea pig gave birth 2 way cuter guinea pigs then that look at the ginger one it practicly cant breath how cruel

From: kelly @ (Wed 09 Jul 2008 03:43:21 AM UTC)
their the cutest guinea pigs


From: Brianna♥ @ (Sat 03 Jun 2006 11:47:38 PM UTC)
I WANT it soo bad, wat a lil munchkin!!!


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From: Brianna♥ @ (Sat 03 Jun 2006 11:48:30 PM UTC) nice


From: Brianna♥ @ (Sat 03 Jun 2006 11:48:55 PM UTC)
wat can i say, im a bird grl